Ajedium™ Films Sampler

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High performance Ajedium™ Film sampler includes six (6) polymers films, all .005” thickness x 8.5” x 11” sample size. Film samples include Halar® 500LC ECTFE, Solef® 9009 PVDF, KetaSpire® KT-820 PEEK, ULTEM™ 1000 PEI, Radel® R500 PPSU and Udel® P-1700 PSU.

Key Features of Film Sampler

  • Polish/polish and polish/matte surface finishes
  • +/- 10% thickness tolerance
  • Film property data sheets included with each film
  • Partially fluorinated polymers (ECTFE and PVDF), imide (PEI), sulfones (PSU and PPSU and ketone (PEEK) all represented in film form in this sampler.