Halar® ECTFE Meltblown Nonwoven Fabrics

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Halar® ECTFE meltblown nonwovens are unique structures providing solutions in challenging filtration applications and demanding environments. Halar ECTFE is a partially fluorinated polymer offering extremely high chemical and fire resistance, combined with distinctive surface properties.

We are please to offer these products in three basis weights: 55gsm100gsm and 200gsm. For prototyping or experimentation we are also pleased to offer our convenient Sampler Pack, which contain one piece of each basis weight. Our meltblown nonwoven fabrics are made in the United States using 100% prime virgin material all in stock online at the best prices.

Key Features 
• Standard surface 
• Chemical and corrosion resistance across wide range, coalescing properties
• Flame resistant (LOI > 52%)
• Enhanced fabric quality - smooth feel for cosmetic surface
• Flame resistant (LOI > 52%)
• Stability in ozonated water
• High purity and low shedding

Common applications include:   
• Air filtration 
• Bag filtration  
• Liquid filtration
• Support or pre-filtration media 
• Composites to form RFP Tapes

Halar 1400 LC ECTFE resin is unreinforced & conforms to: 
• UL-94 V-0 (.180mm)