Kynar® 740 PVDF

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KYNAR® polyvinylidene fluoride is a partially fluorinated, tough engineering family of thermoplastics that offers a balance of performance properties. KYNAR has the characteristic stability of fluoropolymers to resist harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments. 

Our Kynar® 740 is made in the United States using 100% prime virgin material and we offer variety of outer diameters (OD) from 3/8" inches (0.375") to 6" inches (6.00"), all in stock online at the best prices.

Key Features

  • Inherently tough and strong
  • Excellent resistance to tensile creep and fatigue
  • Outstanding stability to weather and UV effects
  • Inherently low outgassing under high vacuum
  • Ozone and fungus resistance
  • Inherent flame resistance
  • High purity
  • Excellent radiation resistance
  • Resistant to a wide variety of strong acids and weak bases

Typical Applications

  • CPI tank and vessel linings
  • Pump and diaphragm machined fittings
  • Semiconductor and PCB components
  • Transducers
  • Aerospace and aviation components

KYNAR® 740 resin is unreinforced and RoHS compliant. It conforms to:

  • ASTM D3222 Type 2
  • MIL-P-46122
  • FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Part 177.1520
  • USDA and 3A regulations
  • UL-94 V-0 (.550mm)