2.00" Diameter Nylon Rod

$28.90 per foot

Product Description

This 2" Polyamide 66 (PA 66) Nylon rod is natural in color with a +0.005"/-0" outer diameter (OD) tolerance and weighs 2.89 lb/ft. The Nylon 6/6 rod is available in 1 to 4 foot lengths and is extruded from 100% virgin Zytel® resins made by DuPont™.

Key Features
• Very good high temperature properties 
• Excellent toughness and overall mechanical properties 
• Strength and stiffness for metal replacement 
• Very good resistance to a wide range of fluids and chemicals
• Low permeability to many fluids and gases, including air and fuel (non-alcohol types)

Typical Applications 
• Valve covers 
• Electronics 
• Mechanical gears 
• Sporting goods
• Oil & Gas components

Stock shapes from Zytel® PA66 resins are unreinforced and the resins used conform to:
• ASTM D4066 PA0110
• ASTM D6779 PA0110
• UL-94 V-2 (3.0mm)

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